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Continuing Education Documentation

All Continuing Education credits that are uploaded to accounts need to have the appropriate documentation to prove that you completed it.  What does that even mean?! That could mean a certificate of completion, that could mean an email confirming you completed the quiz, or that could mean a signed letter from your supervisor confirming you did it. 

The Continuing Education Committee recognized that documentation can be a struggle and that sometimes it’s hard to get that documentation.  To help solve that problem and provide RVTs with the tools to make CE easier they brought back and updated the tracking form.  The tracking form can be used by RVTs to ask for appropriate documentation for the CE they’ve completed.  It outlines different information required and can hold up to three different CE activities on each page. 

This form can be completed as you go about your term when traditional certificates and documentation are not available or offered.  Please ensure that you complete all areas of the form to ensure that the documentation is considered acceptable. 

But – where do I find this marvellous form?  Great question!  You can log into your account, click on Continuing Education at the top and in the first part it says CLICK HERE – you should click there.  OR you can just click on the link below!   

From the desk of Jasmin Carlton, SAVT Executive Director under Benny’s supervision.

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