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Student Spotlights

Congratulations to the veterinary technology graduates from Saskatchewan! Alexandria Kenney grew up on a farm between Dalmeny and Saskatoon and had and still has cows, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats.…

Published 2 years ago

Things I Wish I Knew When I Was New

Submitted by Marta Van Camp, RVT, Member-at-Large SAVT Board of Directors As a first time member on the SAVT Board of Directors, I have been tasked with submitting a blog…

Published 2 years ago

The Family Zoo

Submitted by Teresa Nahachewsky, RVT, Member-at-Large SAVT Board of Directors Hello Friends! Are you tired of your dog looking at you with those big puppy eyes, begging for attention? Does…

Published 2 years ago

Never Stop Learning

Submitted by: Jolene Watson, RVT, Professional Speaker & TrainerPresident, Clarity Coaching & “You can’t change your personality type, but you can ALWAYS change your behaviors”. This quote has absolutely…

Published 2 years ago

I Didn’t Think It Would Happen to Me..

Written and Submitted by Juanita Rose (Kohlman) Ivanochko, RVT I didn’t think it would happen to me.  Watching commercials on T.V. and thinking to myself “Why would you do that?”. …

Published 2 years ago


IMThriving is starting something new! On their website they are creating a page called VETsy (kind of like etsy.. but for our community!). It's a place where the side hustles…

Published 2 years ago
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