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Continuing Education SAVT

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All CE Submissions must be uploaded to member's account electronically by the end of member's term!

Continuing Education is mandatory to maintain Active Membership
Continuing Education adds to our credibility and helps us develop as a profession. In attending continuing education events, technologists show initiative in learning about new techniques, products and trends in the industry that will benefit their clients.

Bylaw : 5.2.3 - to maintain active membership, a member must accumulate a minimum of 20 continuing education credits, approved by the board of directors, every 2 years beginning January 1st of the year following graduation.

Policy Objective To establish common profession performance amongst RVTs in the Province of Saskatchewan. Continuing Education (CE) will consist of activities that serve to maintain or increase professional development, knowledge and skills sets pertaining to the veterinary industry and improving one's self.


  • Maintain a record of all active members CE credits achieved, post online
  • Members who are deficient 4 or fewer credits in the two years term, will have those points added to the next term.  If the total (20 plus deficient credits) are not achieved within the next term,the member will be fined a fee of $300, designated by the BOD
  • Member deficient greater than 5 CE credits will be fined and have the points added to the next year's term
  • Failure to pay the fine within the allowed time frame will result in termination of active membership
  • If an active member has been previously fined for deficient CE credits, the second offense will result in termination of active membership
  • New Active members may use CE credits achieved during the registration year, although their two-year term officially starts January 1st of the year following date of registration
  • The Board of Directors (BOD) reserve the right to evaluate the merit of the CE submitted
  • No program that is primarily promotional in nature, regardless of subject material will be accepted
  • Presenters of a given topic should have a minimum the same level of education as attendee in order to count for CE credits
  • Not all CE activities that an RVT may participate in will count towards status
  • Cannot repeat identical CE activities (exact same event twice) in the same collection period. Only will receive credits for 1
  • Must upload/provide an individual certificate of attendance or Participation Form

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Categories For Continuing Education
Category 1
Consists of activities directly related to the RVT scope of practice. A minimum of 50% of required CE (10) must be accumulated from this category. However, all CE may be earned in this category. A maximum of 10 CE credits may be carried over from this category to the next CE period of collection.

Website Drop Down Menu Category 1

  • SAVT Conference-Per day   (Automatically placed into your account post conference if signed in)
  • Conference/Symposisum attendance as per certificate (default=5CE/per day)  (points can be edited)
  • Webinar points as per certificate (default is 1CE/2 hours)  (points can be edited)
  • Published Article  
  • Unpublished Article  
  • Certification in a Specialty  
  • Post Secondary Course-Animal Health Related 
  • Present a Topic  
  • SAVT Conference Wet Lab  (Automatically placed into your account post conference if signed in)
  • Quiz from recognized newsletter  
  • RACE approved certificate-as per certificate  (points can be edited)
  • SAVT/SVMA Approved Certificate -as per certificate   (points can be edited)
  • Present a lab

Category 2
Consists of educational professional development and volunteer efforts that complement the scope of the RVT. A maximum of 8 points per CE collection period (2 years) may be accumulated in this category and none may be carried over into the next CE collection period.  

Website Drop Down Menu Category 2

  • Serve on SAVT Board  
  • Veterinary Medical Center/WCVM senimars/rounds-per 1/2 hr
  • Non-Scientific Course/Lab/Hands On Clinic (ie. wellness) (points can be edited)
  • Be a Tree Kit Presentation  
  • SAVT AGM Meeting
  • Volunteer Hours-directly related to Animal Health ie) spay/neuter clinic  (points can be edited)
  • Volunteer-Public Education (Vetavision, SAVT booth, Agribition)  (points can be edited)
  • Volunteer with 4H Clubs or Related Events  
  • SAVT Wage Survey  
  • Industry Representative Presentations - as per certificate  (points can be edited)
  • Post secondary course - Animal Health, Business or communication.  
  • Practicum Supervisor-VT Student (1 senior RVT/per clinic per student-must have participation formed signed)

Category 3
Consists of life enhancing, professional development and volunteer efforts which are not directly related to improving the role of the RVT but improve and support the individual. This category improves the overall professional image and the willingness to help the community. A maximum of 2 points per collection period may be accumulated from this category and none may be carried over into the next CE collection period

Website Drop Down Menu Category 3

  • Professional Development Course-personal (Only .5 per course- professional courses are under category 2)
  • Community Volunteer Work