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All Veterinary Technologists must be registered in the Province of Saskatchewan as an SAVT/SVMA Active member to work in a clinic as an RVT. Your SAVT and SVMA registration must be completed through the SVMA website.
*You may not use the title RVT or Veterinary Technologist or engage in the practise of Veterinary Technology in Saskatchewan without registration in both Associations.

Practise of Veterinary Technology - An individual is deemed to be practising veterinary technology when they:

a) represent oneself directly or indirectly, as engaging in the practise of veterinary technology, and/or
b) use any words or, letters of titles as to induce the belief that the individual using them is qualified to engage in the practise of veterinary technology and/or
c) provide professional medical care, monitor and treat animals, under the supervision of a veterinarian.

More information on governance and legislation can be found here.

Student Membership

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Short-Term Active Membership

All RVT's practicing Veterinary Medicine in the province of Saskatchewan must be on the SVMA/SAVT registrar. This includes volunteers for spay/neuter clinics or other volunteer initiatives. A short-term practice member is a registered veterinary technologist who is licensed to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian for a period not exceeding 90 days total in any fiscal year. The short term licence is valid until December 31st in the year in which it is granted.

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