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Wage Survey

Click on the image to view the 2015 Wage Survey Results

Where are Saskatchewan Techs Working?

The survey had an excellent rate of response with 232, or almost 65% of our membership participating. The 2010 Survey had 231 respond. Not surprisingly, the majority of Techs are employed in mixed animal practices with small animal practice coming in at a close second.

The slide show will show a comparison between the 2012 and 2010 wage survey.

Hourly wages reported in the 2012 survey Hourly wages reported in the 2010 survey
Small Animal
$12.00/hr – $29.00/hr
Average: $20.50/hr
Small Animal
$10.50/hr – $27.00/hr
Average: $18.75/hr
Mixed Animal ( Solely Large Animal Included)
$15.00/hr – $30.00/hr
Average: $22.50hr
Mixed Animal
$14.00/hr – $28.00/hr
Average: $21.00/hr
$17.00/hr – $40.00/hr
Average: $28.50hr
Large Animal
$14.00/hr – $16.00/hr
Average: $15.00/hr








There is much more information regarding the SAVT’s third online wage survey including information such as average starting wages, comparison of wages to years of experience, benefits, etc.

Please click on the image below for the full presentation.