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Katherine Broker, RVT VPM

Home Province: 
Education:  Graduated from SaskPoly in 2011

Work Experience:
Worked at a 24 Hour Emergency Clinic in Toronto for 2 years. Then moved back to Saskatoon where I worked in ICU at the WCVM for 4 years before going on Maternity leave in 2017. After my leave I returned to work part time in the Radiology department at the WCVM. I will be going on maternity leave again in 2022.

Previous Board/ Committee Experience:
I have previously been a member of the CE Committee in 2019. I have also been a member of both the Advisory and Executive Interview Committees.

What do you hope to bring to the table or describe great things you are doing:
I am hoping to bring a new perspective to the board, both by working at the WCVM and also as a RVT going on a leave. I worked through the pandemic (and the challenges it presented) and feel this has highlighted some new things the Association will need to address.

Personal life including pets and hobbies:
I love to garden (both inside and outside), and I now have my parents 16 ft sailboat that I am learning to sail as time allows. I have 2 senior dogs, and also a 4 year old daughter and a new baby on the way.

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