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Janine Kernaleguen, RVT VPM

Home Province: 
Education:  Registered Veterinary Technologist
Certificate of Veterinary Practice Management

Work Experience:
Worked in vet clinics since I was 15. Spent some time in retail off and on through my schooling, organized and taught Vet Student Year 1-3 medicine, surgery, and therio labs at WCVM. Designed and general contracted our new clinic build and have managed the practice since inception in 2011.

Previous Board/ Committee Experience:
Member of the North East SPCA Board for 5 years, Chaired local for 3 years, Current Chair of the Vet Care Committee for the North East SPCA, Sat on the last SaskPolyTech Curriculum Review Board for the Vet Tech Program, Member of the SIAST Vet Tech Program Advisory Committee for 3 years, President of Beatty Beef 4-H Club for 5 years, Secretary for 3 years.

What do you hope to bring to the table or describe great things you are doing:
I have a strong interest and experience in management, planning, business growth, HR, and have experience working within this industry for most of my life. My passion is in growing our industry to improve our workplaces and client education and service. I am a bit of a techy and like to help push programs/people into utilizing technology to improve efficiency in all aspects of practice.

Personal life including pets and hobbies:
Pets: 2 cats (Tabitha and Manfred), 1 crazy Lab (Theo) – not of my choosing, horses, and a herd of cattle.
Hobbies: – HA! Who has time for those now?! Apparently, my hobbies are joining boards, taking masterclasses and signing up for additional trainings…

Other Information:
I am excited to be here! I enjoy leadership and working in the background to help push to better our community and industry. I do lead a bit of a crazy life right now, but I somehow manage to make things work out.

I have a great team supporting me (and keeping my practice rolling) to help me take the time to do my trainings and take time to work on side projects like this!

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