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Welcome to Committees 2024! Dedicated to promoting collaboration and involvement among our members!

Committees contribute their expertise, ideas, effort, and recommendations to the board of directors. We extend a warm invitation to all members to actively participate in these enriching gatherings. Regardless of your expertise or experience level, your voice is not only welcomed but essential in shaping the future of our association and the veterinary profession.

We depend on our member volunteers to assist the organization and help us move forward. We acknowledge that we are nothing without the skills, experience, and generous time of our members. Join us in volunteering and contributing to the growth and resilience of SAVT, forging a path towards a stronger future for many years to come!

Meetings will begin later in February 2024. They generally take place monthly and occur weekday evenings to accommodate as many members as possible.

2024 will see the formation of the following SAVT committees:

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