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Register as an Employer:

  1. Go to Employer Registration
    1. Enter a username (your email)
    2. Create a password
    3. Enter your Email
    4. Enter your Company Name
    5. Enter your Company Slogan (optional)
    6. Add your Company Logo (optional)
    7. Add your Company’s Website (optional)
    8. Add Company Info
    9. Select Company Country
    10. Enter Company State
    11. Enter your Postal Code
    12. Enter Company Location (Address)
    13. Set Default Application Methods:
      1. Apply Online Form –  you can enter multiple emails to which the application notification will be sent.
      2. Application URL – an URL to which applicants will be redirected after clicking “Apply Online” button on job details pages.

Post a Job

  1. Open Employer Panel 
  2. Click Post a Job
  3. Enter Title
  4. Enter Description
  5. Select Job Type
  6. Company Information will be prefilled, change as required for a posting
  7. Select Listing Type
  8. Change Application Methods as required
  9. Click Preview
  10. If you are satisfied with this posting click publish listing
  11. Payment
    1. Enter Full Name of Credit Card holder if it’s different from what’s in the full name field
    2. Enter email for receipt
    3. Enter your Credit Card Number, Expiry Date and CVC
  12. Once completed click Place Order and you will be taken to a confirmation page

Register as an Employer

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