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Projects & Programs

The SAVT is excited to share a number of different projects and programs that we are launching, piloting and passionate about. We are worried that they are getting lost among…

Published 3 years ago

Renewal Season

It is renewal season for RVTs and it can be extremely daunting to know what you need to do and get those deadlines straight between both the SAVT and the…

Published 3 years ago

BCVTA Greetings

The British Columbia Veterinary Technologist Association sent their greetings via video. We want to share it with everyone! Check it out! We always look forward to hearing from our…

Published 3 years ago

Membership Renewals

It is that time again - time to renew your membership. Renewing your membership now will be for 2020. There are some changes to the renewal process and the fees…

Published 3 years ago

RVT Month!

Today is the first day of RVT Month.  RVT Month is all about celebrating and recognizing the work that RVTs accomplish every day.  RVT month used to be RVT week…

Published 3 years ago


Submitted by: Breanne Barber, RVT, SAVT President I hope everyone enjoyed my Instagram takeover last month while I was in Toronto, Ontario attending the World Small Animal Veterinary Congress (WSAVA)…

Published 3 years ago
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