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Full Time RVT

Veterinary Medical Centre
6 September 2021
52 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, Canada
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We are searching for smart, organized, enthusiastic, forward-thinking RVT’s that would like not only to join our team but continue to grow and advance their skills. We are searching for you!!

Are you a Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT) looking for a change? Are you looking for an opportunity to advance your career? Are you ready to learn new things and be challenged to stretch and grow as an RVT? Would you like to be part of the future of animal health care in Western Canada and make a difference not only to the animals you help, but to participate in the education of the next generation of DVM’s and RVT’s and be on the front line of animal health research? The Veterinary Medical Centre, within the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, has several amazing opportunities in large or small animal to utilize your skills to the highest potential! The University of Saskatchewan offers above-average wages and benefits. Preference will be given to RVT’s who have specialization certification, but we will provide the necessary tools and resources to non-specialized RVT’s who wish to continue to grow their careers and pursue specialization. Please contact VMC Recruiting for more in-depth information, the current opportunities available, and how to apply. Contact Information:

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