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RVT Wanted

Erindale Animal Hospital
7 January 2022
Saskatoon, Canada
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Being a vet tech is hectic but when you are changing lives every day it is worth it!  As a technician at Erindale Animal Hospital, you will bring patient care to the next level.  Your technical skills, education and caring manner will be utilized to the utmost.  Every diagnostic you perform, every patient you monitor and care for and every procedure you collaborate on will improve the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.

With an innovative, passionate yet technical approach, you seamlessly and strategically oversee all aspects of patient care to provide comfort and improve health and quality of life for your patients.  With compassion and understanding for out patients and their families.  You are able to provide advice and encourage the family that loves them to give them their best healthy life and future.  You are the patient’s companion- their voice even- providing pets comfort and collaborating with their family on their journey with Erindale.


  • Collaborate with the team to provide the best in hospital and our patient care for our pets.
  • Perform life saving and life enhancing procedures such as dental cleanings and feline neuters with the latest equipment at your fingertips.
  • Gently and skillfully obtain and run diagnostic samples using Fear Free techniques (yes, even with sedation).
  • Share you expertise and knowledge with pet families and your colleagues to further the best healthcare for the pets through technician centered wellness appointments (eg, weight and diet consultations, nail trims, etc).


  • A RVT degree/diploma or equivalent
  • Knowledge of veterinary recommended diets and of veterinary medicine and veterinary technology and governance
  • Ability to request and accept feedback and adapt to it
  • Excellent observation, communication, interpersonal skills and technical skills
  • An innovative, flexible, resilient and collaborative spirit


  • Your resume, highlighting your education, experience and skills
  • A completed application for employment (link attached)
  • A brief description of your “WHY” and your goals from a position in our company

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