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Lois Ridgway, RVT
Home Province:  

Education: Diploma Biological Sciences (AHT option);
SIAST – Kelsey Campus 1981 – 1983
Workplace Training: TDG Certification, Biosafety, Laboratory Safety, Supervision,
Leadership and HR training, hoist operator training, alkaline hydrolysis Tissue Digester Operator training

Work Experience:

  • 2017 – Present Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance – PDS Inc
  • 2011-2017 (on leave) Area Supervisor, Necropsy Facility – PDS Inc
  • 1999-2011 Supervisor, Necropsy Facility & Diagnostic Services Office – PDS Inc
  • 1991-1997 Supervisor, Necropsy Facility – Department of Veterinary Pathology
  • 1983-1991 Tech I, II, & III – Department of Veterinary Pathology

Previous Board/ Committee Experience:
Positions Held:

  • WCVM Animal Health Technology (VT) Committee:  1988 – 2010
    • position held – Pathology Rotation Representative
  • South Corman Park Community Association:  2001 – Present;
    • positions held – Board Member & Secretary
  • PDS Statutory OH&S Committee:  2003 – Present;
    • Positions held – Member & Secretary
  • WCVM OH&S Committee:  June 1995 to Present
  • SAVT Board of Directors:  2001 – 2006 (dual appointment with CAAHTT)
    • Position held:  CAAHTT Representative
  • CAAHTT Board of Directors:  2001 – 2008;
    • Positions held:  SAVT Representative (2001- 2006); Vice President (2002-2006); President (2006-2008)
  • SAVT Advisory Council (2008-2015)
  • SAVT Board of Directors (2014-current)
  • SAVT-SVMA Council Liaison (2018-present)
  • Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. Board of Directors: 2009 – 2012;
    • positions held – Board Member & Vice President
  • Pathology Club, WCVM  – 2006 – Present
    • Executive Member
*CAAHTT is now know as RVTTC

What do you hope to bring to the table or describe great things you are doing:
Life and career experience, business, and organization governance knowledge, resilience, tact, diplomacy, problem solving, maintenance and repair skills, HR strategies, political savvy

Personal life including pets and hobbies:
Rental property owner; travel; rural and acreage life – crop sharing alfalfa (and gophers); hobbies include sewing, crafts, gardening, painting, and small wood working projects

Other Information You Want to Share:
I grew up on a mixed farm near Meadow Lake, SK with my parents, three brothers, a herd of commercial beef cattle, hundreds of laying hens, geese and broilers, several pleasure horses, dogs and cats.  I was surrounded by an evolving rotation of farm machinery, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and ski-doos – a new toy every year! It was a great childhood where working the land was richly rewarded.  I grasped the mystery of veterinary medicine at age 3 when I could not figure out the dilemma created when our veterinarian determined that a Hereford steer (they are red and white) died from “Blackleg” – really?!  These were the days before vaccinations were common practice and certainly long before Dr. Google offered any medical advice.  I was curious and needed to pursue a deeper understanding of things veterinary related and from a career perspective, I have pursued my passion in anatomic pathology.  I currently share my work with a husband, two grown sons, and three cats – Speaker, Miss Kitty, and Dancer (a rescue sweetheart who often expresses “Torbi-tude”).

Lois Ridgeway
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